World Beaters Talent Spotting Scheme (WBTSS)

Battery of Tests


The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced a novel scheme of World BeatersTalent Spotting Scheme. Under the above scheme a series of battery of Tests is conducted to the students studying in VI, VII and VIII standards in all the Schools throughout the State to find out the motor qualities of the students and to identify the hidden talents and assess their ability in sports activities. This scheme comprises of a continuous process of the following components:

(i) Talent Identification

(ii) Grooming the identified talents by inducting them into the            Specialized Academies based on their motor qualities.

(iii) Participation in competitions.


Identification of Talents


At the first stage in the School level, the conduct of the battery of Tests help to identify the potentially talented children. This work of identification of talents is undertaken by School Education Department with the assistance of SDAT. The following are the battery of tests which enable to identify the motor qualities viz.,.

1. 50 Mts. Run

2. 600 Mts. Run for Girls

3. 800 Mts. Run for Boys

4. 4kg Shot Put

5. Long Jump

6. 6 x 10 Mts. Shuttle Run.

The next phase of the scheme is the conduct of Educational District Level Competitions for theboys and girls who have secured 10 or 9 or 8 out of 10 marks in the battery of tests conducted in the schools. The Regional level competitions are being conducted in 9 locations.The Educational District level competitions will be conducted in all Educational Districts for boys and girls and also the Regional level competitions will be conducted in the following events:

Athletics – Boys – 100 Mts. Run,200 Mts.Run,400 Mts.Run,Long Jump,High Jump and Shot Put.

Athletics – Girls  - 100 Mts.Run, 200 Mts.Run,400 Mts.Run, Long Kump, High Jump and Shot Put.

Competitions in Athletics may be conducted for each class separately.

Standard – VI Boys and Girls.

Standard – VII Boys and Girls.

Standard – VIII Boys and Girls.

               The 1st ten place winners in each event a sum of Rs.6,000/- will be presented as scholarship in the Regional level competitions, in order to motivate the young talents to continue active participation of competitive sports.

    Every year during April-May the first 10 winners are selected to attend the selection trails for the SDAT Specialized Academies. They are admitted into the Specialized Academies and imparted special and regular coaching to achieve excellence. The school authorities conduct the tests and send the details of results to the District Sports and Youth Welfare Officers of concerned Districts.

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